One of the distinguished contemporary artists today, Alexander Ney opened a unique originality and vision in his art. Profound principles, clarity of expression and wise employ of medium - a beauty that astonishes the intelligent viewer, art lover or artist alike. His works are the prized possessions of collectors, and will continue to be the basis for study and inspiration for many generations to come.

The Sculpture Of Alex Ney At The Wingspread Gallery

New York artist, Alexander Ney has returned to the Wingspread Gallery this summer with his vibrant, intricate and imaginative terra-cotta sculpture.
His use of natural imagery; animals, floral arrangements, and human figures, sometimes linked in the custom is indicative of his unique and original utilization of the terra-cotta medium.
The strength and competence of the work indicates an artist devoted to his trade and his mastery of it. Alexander Ney has exhibited internationally in Paris, Nice and Leningrad as well as the World Trade Center, the Hansen Gallery and the Benson Gallery in New York. His work will be on exhibit at the Wingspread Gallery in Northeast Harbor through September 8th.
As originally published in The Bar Harbor Times, Thursday, August 1977 - PAGE SEVENTEEN

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